Offshore Wind-Farms

Meeting the evolving needs of sustainable energy providers

Minimise the risk and costs of weather downtime 

As offshore wind farms move further offshore, into harsher marine environments, the skills and experience of the BIH team in tackling some of the world’s most challenging flying conditions makes us an ideal partner right across the life cycle of a wind farm.

We work in partnership with clients to develop helicopter services from the outset of a project to its conclusion. We can support clients in surveying sites to prepare feasibility studies and business cases. Once funding and approvals are secured, our fleet can support not only the construction and commissioning phases of projects, but also deliver a proven and reliable service during the operational phases; providing both routine transport and maintenance services, as well as rescue or emergency missions, if required.

When operations cease, we will support the decommissioning process, enabling operators to minimise risk and the cost of weather downtime, due both to the increased distance and more challenging offshore weather conditions, right across the life cycle of a wind farm project.


Team members including some of the world's
most highly experienced pilots and rear crew.