Our Fleet

A flexible fleet for the most challenging flying conditions

Trusted and proven aircraft delivering secure and timely services

The 15-strong British International Helicopter fleet is growing all the time and combines a range of trusted and proven aircraft capable of delivering safe, secure and timely helicopter support services.

Our fleet includes:

  • S61N helicopters used for the transportation of both personnel and equipment
  • Specially-equipped AS365 helicopters for passenger and freight transfer and transfers by hoist
  • AW189 helicopters for the movement of personnel and materials, and general support including the recovery of targets from land and sea.

In 2016, BIH was instrumental in the worldwide introduction of the AW189 into Search and Rescue (SAR) roles and has written the manual for operating the AW189 as a SAR helicopter.

We have also developed sophisticated recovery apparatus and operations to support all of our contracts and can provide innovative helicopter solutions to a wide range of aerial support challenges.


Helicopter fleet delivering capable,
safe, secure and timely services.