About BIH


A trusted, long-term partner to both military and commercial clients

British International Helicopters, the largest, British-owned helicopter firm, operates both civil and military registered aircraft, regulated under separate aviation authorities, demonstrating an agile ability to meet different, yet equally demanding, regulations on a wide range of complex projects.

BIH is a trusted, long-term partner to both military and commercial clients, delivering a safe, agile and skilled helicopter services in some of the world’s most challenging flying and environmental conditions, We are also the only British-owned company operating in the United Kingdom in the offshore sector. 

British International Helicopters is proud to have built an 18-year partnership with the UK Ministry of Defence, supporting operations in the Falkland Islands, as well as delivering a combined SAR and Support Helicopter service to the British Forces South Atlantic Islands operations - as part of Team AAR.

We have also delivered Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST) helicopter support programme for the Royal Navy for more than a decade.

For commercial clients, BIH delivers a wide range of utility and commercial flying services including surveying and pipeline patrols, TV mast calibration, VIP and commercial charter. We have also developed a wide range of responsive, partnership-based solutions for offshore wind farms.

Our experience across a wide range of industries has enabled the British International Helicopters team to build an unparalleled level of skills and insight, enabling us to deliver a bespoke approach, based upon best practice, to each client project. 


British International Helicopters
was launched in 1986.